Advertising is part of our life

Item #072011
Contains: brands, advertising, our lives.

Whether we like it or not, advertising is part of our lives. It's in our bed, at our table, we go out and have fun together. Advertising created the brands that surround us. In fact, advertising is so powerful, that we can describe our lives with it.

Value: Gold in the category - Epica 2011; Bronze in the category - Eurobest 2011; Gold in the category - Golden Drum 2011; Gold in the category - Red Apple Moscow 2011; Best of 2011 in the category - 10 Years of Romanian Creativity

Creative ideas without production have no value

Item: #152013

Contains: aliens, creation, innovation

The campaign shows how well-known cinematographic art products, popular songs and famous paintings would look if stripped of production elements. Just like in advertising, we see that ideas without execution are worthless.