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Juniors in advertising - Andreea Cioboata

22 years of age and Online/Social Media person at Next Advertising - this is Andreea Cioboata in few words. On Facebook she's Andreea Cio. And she's a big soccer fan. Read her interview here

Juniors in advertising - Paula Ionescu

Paula Ionescu is from Timisoara, Copywriter at Next Advertising and, before starting her creative job, she thought she's not as cool as she should be. Read the entire interview here

Liviu David about juniors in advertising

Internet addiction is the best and worst thing about the new generation working in advertising, says Liviu David, Creative Director at Next. And the veterans must learn from it. Read the entire interview here.

Zuzu Max, a new yougurt for men

Next Advertising developed the communication campaign for Zuzu Max, a new yogurt for men, with 10% fat, launched by Albalact. The campaign consists of TV ads, online platform and promotion and in store activities. More detalis in Romanian, here

The time is now for Zuzu

The new comunication campaign for Zuzu was created by Next Advertising, the brand's agency since 2009. The time is now, the core message of the campaign, stresses the importance of living at high intensity all those one of a kind moments: first kiss, childhood games, fun times with the family. More details are available in Romanian here

Next launches new campaign for Aroxol

Next Advertising has launched a new campaign for Aroxol with the motto "Efficiency against insects, protection for you and your family". Starting with 16th of May, the campaign will run for 10 weeks and wll consist of o series of TV ads. The first ad presents the life of accountant Petrachescu, who becomes a victorious general in the war against bugs with the help of Aroxol. More details are available in Romanian here

Bread, salt and bananas at Next Advertising

Although we are not an official delegation, we were greeted with bread, salt and bananas at Next, so we understand from the beginning that we are in a local agency with an “out of the box” approach. Moreover, Next team welcomed us the same way you see people in the airport, holding a tag with our website's name, showing us they know us as better as our employees do, including our internal jokes. More details are available in Romanian, here.

Next fights against mediocrity in the newest campaign for Biz Days

The newest campaign for Biz Days (a Romanian Biz Magazine event), signed by Next Advertising, chose to fight against mediocrity in the Romanian business environment by promoting messages such as “I want to be the better-ish!”, “We aim the second place at least”, “You are simply the most ok-ish”, that aim to bring to life Romanian business people. More details are available in English, here.

Stray Dogs in Romania Are Quite Accomplished at Crossing Streets, Humans Not So Much

Traffic police in Romania are fed up with pedestrians’ blatant disregard for designated crosswalks, opting to instead dash across busy streets at their own, oftentimes fatal, detriment. In an effort to raise awareness of this sheer idiocy, traffic police have released a series of TV ads highlighting the citizens that understand the function of those big white lines painted on the pavement are for: stray dogs. More details are available in English, here.

Liviu David: I make a hard-ish life for those who are satisfied with so and so

The adventure in advertising started with D’Arcy. Then he flew at the other side of the world to learn the Australian way of making advertising. In 2006 he came back to the troubled Romania and he became Creative Director at Next Advertising. Since then, David has been fighting with the obstacles in the Romanian advertising industry that settles with “ok-ish” things. More details are available in Romanian, here.   

BCR Divers credit rescues Harap Alb in the new campaign created by Next

The modern version of Harap Alb’s story from the newest BCR campaign shows that when others help fails, BCR Divers credit comes in rescue. The campaign was created by Next Advertising as part of the communication platform “We change the story together”, where every day situations are imagined as modern versions of fairy tales with heroes. More details are available in Romanian, here.

Case study: The Green Lane - Next Advertising for Coca-Cola HBC

Next Advertising presents a case study with the story and the results of The Green Lane project initiated and implemented by the agency for Coca-Cola HBC Romania in 2012, May - June. The unconventional approach makes it a reference event for bikers in Bucharest who are forced to ride inappropriate and dangerous bike lanes on the side walks. More details are available in Romanian, here.

Next Advertising creates Biz Days Campaign 2012

How do people relate to marcomm? Surely not the same way communication people imagine. You will learn all about it from the new campaign of the biggest business and communication event in Romania, Biz Days, developed by Next Advertising. More details are available in Romanian, here.

What's next?

It’s an agency that rejects stereotypes, seeking the best creative solutions for the client, not only for winning awards. How does an independent agency fight against the large international companies and why is it successful with it’s “out of the boxt” approach? More details are available in Romanian, here.

Next Advertising, the only Romanian agency awarded at Red Apple Festival

Next Advertising is the only agency in Romania who won an award at Red Apple 2011, ranking no. 1 in the “TV & Cinema Advertising” category and “Advertising of mass media” category for “Jealousy” and “Refuse” ads. The ads are part of the launching campaign of IQAds online platform. More details are available in Romanian, here.

Next Advertising, awarded at Golden Drum 2011 and Red Apple 2011

Next Advertising received Gold award in the “Film” category for “Jealousy” IQAds TV ad at the Golden Drum Festival 2011. The ad is part of the launching campaign of IQAds online platform, whose slogan is “All about advertising”. The campaign showed the role of advertising in people’s lives. “Jealousy” ad also won the first prize at the Moscow Red Apple 2011 Festival, in the “Advertising of mass media” category. More details are available in Romanian, here.

Next Advertising and Netalurgica launch the new digital communication platform for Fulga

Albalact together with Next Advertising and Netalurgica launched the new digital communication platform for Fulga during an event organized for children in Herestrau Park. The new website contains information about Fulga products, healthy eating, Fulga story and also the “Space Adventure” game. More details are available in Romanian, here.

Bronze Prize at Eurobest 2011 for Next's "Jealousy" IQAds TV Ad

“Jealousy” ad won Bronze in the “Film” category, at the Eurobest Festival, which took place between November 28th and 30th 2011, in Lisabona. Alongside ”Refuse” and “Dirty” ads, “Jealousy” ad is part of the launching campaign of IQads online platform, whose slogan is “All about advertising”. The campaign showed the role of advertising in people’s lives. More details are available in Romanian, here.

Next Advertising won the CSR account of Coca-Cola HBC Romania

Next Advertising won the pitch organized by Coca-Cola HBC Romania and will provide communication services in the Corporate Social Resposability (CSR) sector. The satisfaction is high due to the fact that the account was won to the detriment of some prestigious multinational companies. With this occasion, the agency broke an unprecedented record: the fastest result in a pitch - less than 24 hours until receiving the winning result. More details are available in Romanian, here.

New Qfort campaign filmed with a hidden camera

Next Advertising launched 2 different ads filmed with a hidden camera. The new advertising campaign wants to show that nobody resists as much as the Qfost windows. In order to film the ads, 6 hidden cameras were set. Thus, we can see real people reactions to the ongoing action of a young man yelling "Cock-a-doodle-doo". More details are available in Romanian, here.


The financial crises, inspiring concept in the communication campaign for Banca Transilvania

The newest ad for Banca Transilvania was inspired by the financial crises that hit us. The ad stresses upon the reduction of costs inside a company. The fairy man stars in a new ad produced by Next Advertising for the banking subscription at Banca Transilvania that offers a practical solution for all businessmen obliged to pay. More details are available in Romanian, here.

Liviu David, Next Advertising: Advertising isn't art, painting and poetry. It's mathematics, psychology and design

Next Advertising has a lot of work to do lately. In the newest communication campaign for The Money Channel, Next invented a language that only businessmen can understand, the fairy man continues his journey in Banca Transilvania ads and other campaigns are being prepared as we speak for Stejar and Casa noastra brands. After one year and a half of discreet activity, Next can barely face all requests. More details are available in Romanian, here.

Next Advertising won a new client: The Money Channel

Next Advertising became the communication agency for The Money Channel brand after competing in a pitch organized by Realitatea Media in 2007 October and November. “Our critera in selecting Next Advertising the winner of this pitch are the great understanding they showed for our brand and a lot of creativity", said Miruna Trufin, Brand Manager The Money Channel. More details are available, in Romanian, here

Next launched the advertising campaign for Biofarm

Next launched the advertising campaign for Bixtonim, a product from Biofarm's portfolio. The ad was produced in collaboration with Reload Film. The Biofarm campaign promotes a new medicine, Bixtonim, the remedy agains cold simptoms and clogged nose. More datails are available, in Romanian, here.

The communication campaign for Gerovital H3 brand doubled sells

The advertising campaign "Put the ageing on hold" produced by Next for Gerovital H3 products doubled sells on that specific cattegory. The anti-aging face creams are made by Farmec Cluj. Next Advertising has delivered communication campaigns for Unirea, Murfatlar and Fulga brands, for whom they assured creations services, media planning strategies and advertising deals. More details are available, in Romanian, here.