The company produces windows and has the largest factory in the south eastern Europe.

QFort 2011
Product #042011
Contains: love, unhappiness, windows.

Bottom line: Love wears off, Qfort lasts.
QFort 2009
Product #052009
Contains: real people, curses
Does not contain: cliches, bullshit

Unique Romanian product, manufactured with the “hidden camera” technique. Extremely well received by the public. Different than any other product on the market.
QFort 2008
Product #052008
Contains: violence against windows, famous Romanian songs, technical failures
Does not contain: deja vus
Coming in many different flavours, the QFort 2008 Spring-Summer Collection owns an original feature: you either love it or hate it. No one could stay indifferent.
Value: One of the most memorable campaigns of 2008 (Unlock Research, 2008), Silver in the Radio category - ADOR 2009