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Save The Delta

Save the Danube Delta Association protects the natural reserve Danube Delta.

Wild Sex 2008

Item # 032008
Contains: sex, money, rock'n'roll
Not recommended to pets under 18.


The campaign was designed to raise funds for Save the Delta. The video item had more than 40,000 viewers online (now over 80,000), excellent recall and unprecedented results. The campaign is one of the most memorable 2% campaigns ever.
Value: Silver in the Virals category  - Webstock 2008, Best Print - BestAds 2008
Wild Sex 2009

Item # 032009
Contains: sex, guns, money

Just like the 2008 campaign, the series of items were designed to raise funds for Save The Danube Delta.


Item # 012009
Contains: animals, plants, plastic

Kind message from the animals, spoiled by the human plastic waste. Probably the first explicit swearing in the Romanian advertising.

“For everything you give us, [thank you] fuck you!”

Real plastic trash glued to the outdoor banner.

Value: Shortlist - ADOR 2009, Best Print - BestAds 2009
2% campaign