Sorin Popescu - Managing Partner Sorin Popescu - Managing Partner

17 years experience in marketing and advertising: one year in P&G Balkans, five years in Connex (now Vodafone), 11 years in Next. Has worked on more than 300 TV commercials and countless communication campaigns. With that many things under his belt, apparently he knows what he is talking about. Holds also an MBA degree in Marketing and an IDM Certificate in Direct Marketing. Has three kids and a 70 kilos dog called Sami, has an impressive collection of comics at home, still considers “The Little Prince” the most beautiful book ever been written, is a big Frank Zappa fan and loves Ben&Jerry. And chocolate. And beer. And every Monday starts a whole new diet…
Cristi Grigorescu - Managing Partner Cristi Grigorescu - Managing Partner

One of Cristi's favorite quotes is: "I asked god for a bike, but I know god doesn't work that way. So, I stole a bike and asked for forgiveness." Life in business is tough and only the strongest survive. Cristi is one of the strongest businessmen in advertising industry, having a profound understanding of the business sector in Romania and a relevant experience. Cristi manages Next's business since 2001 and before, he was Media Director at Mobifon.
Liviu David - Creative Director Liviu David - Creative Director

8 years in D’Arcy Romania (Copywriter, Group Creative Director, Creative Director). Co-author of the first three Romanian campaigns awarded internationally (Golden Drum, 1998). Awarded and shortlisted (as copywriter in D'Arcy) at Golden Drum, Cresta Awards, New York Festivals, Low Budget Festival Rome, The International GSM Congress, ADOR. More awards for Next. Multimedia Certificate from Computer Graphics College Sydney Australia. One year interactive designer at Ogilvy Interactive Sydney. Worked on Telstra, Qantas, American Express. Member of Advertising Federation of Australia and teacher at the School of Art Director’s Club Romania.  Liviu returned home after 2 years spent in Australia in order to achieve great things on Romanian soil. And he did. His jouney continues. 
Wanda Podgurschi - Client Service Director Wanda Podgurschi - Client Service Director

13 years experience in Client Service: 3 years with D’Arcy Romania as dedicated Account Manager for Connex (now Vodafone) and 10 years with Next Advertising as Client Service Director on major clients: Murfatlar, Flanco, Western Union, QFort, The Money Channel, Vodafone, Biofarm, Tymbark, SAB Miller - Stejar, FAN Courier, Tetra Pak, New Com etc. She manages a team of 9 people. Wanda likes to travel in different places, is passionate about the antique Egypt, is a member of FC Barcelona and doesn’t miss a single game. She has a Golden Retriever. 
Ruxi Muntean - Media Director Ruxi Muntean - Media Director

13 years experience in media planning, media buying and media sales. Sales executive for Ziarul Financiar (Media Pro International), Sales Manager for Local Newspapers Division (Media Pro International), Media Planner, Media Manager, Media Director for Next Advertising for more than 11 years. Managed the media budgets of Murfatlar, Germanos, Albalact, Banca Transilvania etc., developed winning strategies and buying activities for all agency clients. Ruxi is an energetic and experienced manager. She has two beautiful children.   
Ileana Sebe - Strategy and New Business Director Ileana Sebe - Strategy and New Business Director

15 years experience in communication, working for D’Arcy, Odyssey and now Next. Her job is to develope efficient communication strategies and manage the projects inside the agency. She worked for local and international brands, sush as: Efes, Kaiser, Arctic, Coca-Cola, BCR, ABN AMRO, Rompetrol, Biofarm, Coty, Beko, Peroni, Vodafone, Pate Ardealul etc. Extra-job, Ileana developed zwei, a life-style brand which experiences with food and objects to create delicate connections. Food styling and design projects are some of her passions.
Alexandru Tunaru - Social Media Manager Alexandru Tunaru - Social Media Manager

Learns and practices Social Media since 2009. He had been drinking Timisoreana for two years, while he was web copywriter and Social Media specialist at GreenPixel. Then, changed the agency (from GreenPixel to Next Advertising), and the beer with cold meats: Matache Macelaru. Now he is working / is having fun, helped by his younger and smarter colleagues from the Social Media team. Some of the current clients: Sun Plaza, Tempo, Biskrem, Crama Murfatlar, Scotch-Brite etc. In his free time, which does exist (!), he swims, goes to the gym and back, tries to play in a rock band and writes stories for grown-ups on
Olivia Grigorescu Sava- BTL & Production Director Olivia Grigorescu Sava- BTL & Production Director

Olivia has been part of the Next team from the beginning. With over 18 years of experience in the advertising industry, she has had the chance of working for a large variety of brands, ranging from FMCG to financial services, from automotive to telecom. She takes pride in being very good at what she does. 
Gheorghe Mihai - Chief Driver Gheorghe Mihai - Chief Driver

One of the first employers in Next, Gigi is the person who welcomes all colleagues when they come to work in the morning and sometimes greets even clients or the media. Gigi is a popular figure not only in Next, but also in the advertising industry, featuring in some of the most appreciated ads in Romania produced by Next: Biz Days, Save the Delta, Vel Pitar. When he is not in mission, driving all around Bucharest, Gigi likes to walk his Chuhuahua dog and spend time in the countryside. He is a source of inspiration and a pleasant man to be around.